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I Donated My Hair, and You Can, Too!

Today I got an email notifying me that Wigs for Kids received my hair donation!

Wigs for Kids is a nonprofit which provides free wigs to children without natural hair. Getting a wig can give many kids more self-confidence about their appearance, helping them get through a difficult time. 

My hair was around 22 inches braided, probably making it a good 24 inches in length brushed out straight. It was a lot of hair. Although I have straight hair, people with any hair type or color -- including gray hair -- can donate, as long as the hair you're giving hasn't been dyed or chemically treated. They put the donated hair through a whole treatment process when making the wigs, so split ends and the like don't matter, either. 

I have no personal use for my long hair. I had made a resolution -- what, two years ago now? -- that I was going to grow out my hair for donation. It's bright blond and fine, and I have a lot of it. According to the hairdresser, it's also very similar to the texture of a child's hair. 

Wigs for Kids relies on donations to keep their wigs free, since the creation process can be costly. I will be sending them a donation in the mail later this month, once I pay my bills and rent. This month was tricky financially since I had to take my car to the shop, but I want to be helpful beyond just giving my hair. 

On a personal level, I'm glad to get rid of the hair. It was in the way. It was annoying. It made my personal hygiene routine longer and that much more tiring. I hated the way it made my face look. I disliked the ultra-feminine look of long blond hair, too. Looking at myself with the hair in the mirror every morning was like a punch to the gut, because I've had short hair my whole life and this was not me at all. It wasn't all bad, and it does seem like a weird thing to complain about, but I vastly prefer my new (old) short hair. 

Some kid will get a wig with hair they will appreciate more than I did. That's a good thing. 

You can donate your hair, too! Check here to see if you meet their donation requirements. :)


  1. It's been three years since I chopped off all mine, though it wasn't nearly as long as yours. Short hair is nice and easy. Plus I like to dye it different colors, and having it short means I can switch it often. :)

    1. Ooh, neat! Yep, all I do now is dry it and maybe put a little mousse in it or something.
      Dyeing can be a lot of fun. It does seem like it would be waaaay easier to dye with short hair; I didn't consider that.

  2. I agree that long hair can be tiresome to take care of. Mine is short right now and I want to explore that. Though I kinda want it to get a little longer. So wonderful you donated hair Laura. I'm glad to see you so happy in this post. Maybe you found the way to put a pep back in your step all on your own.

    1. It does kind of feel like a weight has been lifted. I joked to the hairdresser that I was about to lose 3 pounds, haha. There's a lot to play with in terms of short and medium styles! Hope you find a look you like. :)

  3. Cool! I've never had healthy enough or long enough hair to donate it, but I've always loved the idea! What a cool thing to be able to do. :D

    1. :) I thought about growing it out to do again, but...ugh. I didn't like long hair at all. Idk about hair health, that's something I didn't consider. They gave me the impression that the chemical treatment process takes care of that. But yeah, it does have to be, what, 12 inches at least?


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