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How to Support Your Weird Artist-y Friends

I had quite the interesting conversation with my mother on my way to work yesterday. I am currently stage managing for a production of Shakespeare's Richard III. Stage managing isn't all that different from babysitting in some ways...except that the actors never try to redecorate the bathroom with poop. At least, not yet. Before you ask, no, I don't get paid. Not in money. Also, that's not really any of your business (but I am getting to my point in a minute, I swear). So why do anything -- if not for the money? A million reasons. Job experience. Internship credit. Because I love the theater (and Richard III ). Because it gets me out of the house this summer, even though it's not a paying job. Because I can put it on my growing resume. Even because other opportunities for employment might come out of this, directly or indirectly? Well, yeah. All that. But mainly because I've decided that theater is going to be my career. I am going to work in the the

Music Monday at Midnight: George Winston

OK, so it's more like Music Tuesday at 45 minutes past midnight...but it's George Winston, so who cares? Perhaps this music posting will become a regular thing. Anyway, "Woods"  is what I'm listening to right now.  Winston's music is transcendant. It never fails to remind me what a beautiful, versatile instrument the piano is. I'm excited to possibly be getting sheet music for some of his work, which is great, because it's surprisingly hard to find. With enough practice, I hope not to butcher it too badly.

And, I'm Back

It's been more than a month since I last posted. Miss me? I would like to think you did. :) "Laura, where did you go?!?? What have you been doing all this time???" Well, between vacation, a family crisis, a new job/internship*, and Skyrim (kidding), I haven't had a lot of time for the Internet. So rather than try to juggle everything, I went on a self-imposed Internet hiatus. Observation: My productivity did not increase. Weird, I know -- turning off the Internet is supposed to limit your distractions and create time in which to get shit done. Apart from being too stressed out to do anything, though, I realized that most of my "productive" time happens on the Internet. Or at least on a computer. However, I barely touched my computer for all of June. Result: I didn't do any of the work, reading, writing, connecting, stalking -- I mean, talking -- and relaxing I normally do online. And in place of this computer time, what exactly did I do? Writ