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Istanbul, Orlando, Denver.

I took a mini-vacation from social media. (And a long vacation from this blog.) The main reason was the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people. People all over my facebook, twitter, and other forums had their heads up their asses about it. I was angry. I quit.  Today, I saw #Istanbul trending on twitter and knew that that could be nothing good. It wasn't. An airport suicide bombing killed at least 28 people and injured at least 60.  A few minutes later, my news feed contained a link that said, "German shoots himself after Denver attack that injures several."  Orlando, then Istanbul, now Denver.  I know these are different instances of violence in different places with different motivations. Dash are suspected to be responsible for Istanbul. A lone gunman taking out his self-hatred on 49 gay people just minding their own goddamn business at a nightclub that he used to frequent, is responsible for Orlando. Some German guy with unknown motives shot several people,