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You Don't Have to be "Excited" About Failure and Rejection

I read a post the other day at one of my favorite blogs, The Write Practice. I love this blog -- they post digestible writing advice and prompts so that you can practice what you've just read. The post for that day was, "Why You Should Be Excited About Failure and Rejection." On the one hand, I have to admire the genius of that title. It's a lesson in getting people to read on. "I should be excited about failure and rejection? Whaaaaat? How could I be excited about that? I must read it and find out what they could possibly mean!" I did read it, and they did give their usual dose of great advice: everyone is scared, rejection isn't the end of the world, don't try to be perfect because no one is, use fear as a motivator, and learn from failure. It's definitely worth reading if you need a bit of a lift. But. That does not mean I have to be excited about failure and rejection. I n today's competitive writing/publishing/social media enviro