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Resurrection Blogfest & Giveaway in November!

This may be the best idea for a blogfest I've stumbled across yet. Mina Lobo, a follower of mine and a romance writer at Some Dark Romantic , is approaching her first blogaversary! To celebrate, she's hosting the Resurrection Blogfest . You can still sign up until Wednesday, November 7, 2012. The idea is that during that first year of blogging, it's hard to build your audience. Your favorite posts languish with no comments. People don't really read your blog yet, so your start-up posts with all those brilliant thoughts get neglected. Doomed to a dusty grave in some obscure corner of cyberspace. The Resurrection Blogfest is an opportunity to resurrect some of your posts from your first year of blogging! A blast from the past, as it were. I'm really excited, myself -- although I will admit, some of the stuff my overenthusiastic first-time-blogger 18-year-old self wrote makes me wince. :P There's also a contest and a giveaway, judged by Mina and her lo