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The Twilight Problem

Everyone's entitled to like or dislike Twilight . Maybe you think Bella should have ended up with Mike. Maybe you don't like the excessive description of the weather, the adjective overload, or how Bella describes Edward  exactly the same way  every time she sees him. Maybe you think their physical relationship should be more realistic. Maybe you happen to know that Nurse Cullen was a serial killer in the 70's and 80's, and that gives you a disturbing perspective on these things. Heck, maybe you're pro-choice and you think Bella should have had an abortion (it would have saved her kid from growing up with a name like Renesmee ). But those are dislikes. They're issues with the writing style, the world of Twilight , and the plot. I enjoyed Twilight the first time I read it, despite disliking some things. You can get past a dislike. It's much harder to get past a disagree. I disagree with the principles in Twilight. Specifically, the kind of love the book

Guide to Effective Procrastination

As a college student, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about procrastination. I've been observing my activities this Sunday--the day before my first paper of the semester is due--and thought I would make a blog post with the aim of explaining my own practices and helping others to procrastinate more effectively. Here follows a list of things one can do to improve one's rate of procrastination. 1. Make a facebook note, diary entry, blog post... *cough* 2. Social networking sites. Remember that friend you haven't talked to in ages? Now's a great time to catch up! 3. Texting or talking on the phone. Same idea as #2. You suddenly remember your mother asked you to call--and you wouldn't want to be an irresponsible child, would you? After all, she's paying for your tuition... 4. Take a nap. It's been scientifically proven that sleep helps the brain's performance. Sure, you'll get around to that paper--after a nice long nap to replenish t