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What NOT to include in your submission/cover letter

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately, but -- so much has been happening! I joined Fencing club; I got a part in Iolanthe ; I joined Campus Comments (the school newspaper); I've been running to and fro from class... ...and I'm the poetry editor of Outrageous Fortune.  It's the first nationwide, online college literary magazine of only undergraduate work. I'm pleased to say that we've already received many submissions for our Fall/Winter edition! I encourage you to submit your poetry, photography, artwork, essays, one-act plays, short stories, novel excerpts, etc. I also encourage you to read the submission guidelines carefully. And perhaps look up "how to write a cover letter" on Now, I'm a nice person and I won't judge you too much if you don't follow the guidelines. I'll just send a polite note pointing out that you attached your poems in PowerPoint instead of Word or that we only accept previously unpublished poems o