Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keywords: the Best (funniest) Part About Blogging

If you've read some of my early posts, you'll know I am a bit of a nerd for statistics. So whenever I visit my blog, I spend a fascinated (and fascinating) 10 minutes looking through my Stats bar. You can view how many hits, on what posts, from what countries and computer systems, referring sites, all by day, week, month, or ALL TIME. ;) So far, my most popular post is "The Twilight Problem." But that's beside the point. The most fun part of all this is that I get to see the search keywords people use to get here...

For example:
vegetarian roommate annoying
"kissed a zombie"
laura littlethumbs (me: *looks at thumbs in confusion*)
analysis of juletane
"amodern hell"

...and a lot of amusing (and inappropriate) things about hating Twilight. Anyway, the point to this post is that I found out how to view the search keywords people use to get to the articles I write for Specifically my review of Rango (Rango - For Kids?), which jumped to the second most popular article in about a week and half. And now, thanks to this new feature, I just found out that it shows up on the first page of Google! *ego smiles happily*

Better than that, though, I just spent five minutes giggling in delight at the list of keywords people use to find Rango. Yep, I have nothing better to do after midnight than update this blog, wait for my laundry to dry, and giggle at statistics. The list goes on for four pages with things like:

is Rango for kids?
why did beans kissed rango
does johnny depp say thespians or lesbians in rango
rango gay joke
i think swallowed plan b
plan b joke in rango
references in rango kids do not get
topless Barbie in rango
political message in rango
rango is not a comedy
rango drug references
rango owl images
KISS logo in rango
is the movie rango politically incorrect for kids

And finally...
is rango ok for 6 year olds?

NO. An emphatic no. It's hilarious (if you have the right sense of humor for it, that is...) See it. But please, please don't take your kids. Even if you don't get any of the references, it's a little too uncomfortably violent, weirdly realistic, and overall mature for small children. Link's on the Writing page for my review if you're interested.

In other news, I have to go calculate statistical data for psych lab. Not quite as fun as lists of keywords...

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  1. The more I blog, the more weird my search stats get... I love looking at them too.


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