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25 Years, 25 Things

I turned 25 in March. 25 brings some new things and new thoughts, but I'd like to make a silly post sharing 25 old facts that you may or may not have known about me.

1. If it were healthy or possible to eat nothing but raviolis every day for the rest of my life, I might do it. 

2. I'm a sucker for cheesy, bad, over the top movies -- especially horror movies. 

3. Speaking of which, I watched The Blair Witch Project for my birthday. Ha. Ha.

4. I like puns. 

5. I love cats and barely tolerate dogs. I've met some good dogs, but...Dogs are nice and all, but dog smell actually makes me nauseous and want to vomit, dogs drool and jump on me, and they generally make me anxious. 

6. My least favorite book of all time is The World According to Garp.

7. My favorite book of all time varies week to week, honestly. 

8. I don't really date, though I've had relationships in the past. 

9. I went to a women's college. 

10. I volunteer for a nonprofit. 

11. My favorite David Bowie song is "Heroes."

12. I think The Shining is actually Stephen King's worse, sappiest, most ridiculous book; the Stanley Kubrick movie was much better. 

13. In that vein, the show adaptation Game of Thrones is better than the books. (I still read the books.)

14. Whenever anyone brings up Alfred Hitchcock, I am That Person who brings up the fact that he was an animal-abusing, actor-abusing pervert. His legacy shouldn't be prettied up. He doesn't deserve it. 

15. I know how to do stage makeup but suck at regular makeup. 

16. I once had a bad reaction to an antibiotic which made me look like a meth-addicted zombie. 

17. I LOVE HAVING SHORT HAIR. Also, don't touch my hair. Just don't. 

18. I like writing stories. I'll go for months very enthusiastically making progress, then months of "I hate this, it's amateur crap, and it deserves to burn." The truth about the quality of my fiction, such as it is, is probably somewhere in the middle. 

19. As I get older, I find it increasingly difficult to justify my existence. This is one of the reasons I volunteer for things. 

20. Somewhat to the contrary, as I get older I find I give fewer and fewer fucks about the people who ask me what I've done with my life, anyway?

21. I feel old, creaky, in pain. This irritates me because I've constantly been told I "shouldn't" feel this way when I'm so young. When people aren't saying that, they're saying I must be lying or exaggerating, or just refusing to believe me. Internalized ableism tells me there must be something wrong with me, but in reality, I know that sometimes that's just the luck of the draw. It happens. 

22. At 25, I'm also tired of people telling me to fix or change my body or voice for theatre purposes. Like, this is it, y'all. If my voice was going to drop, it would have done years ago. Same with everything about my looks that people keep telling me to change.

23. I don't look 12. I look 25, because I am 25, and this is what a 25-year-old looks like. I blame Hollywood for casting so many 35-year-old women to play 15-year-old girls.

24. I can speak Spanish, but I wish I had someone to practice it with daily so that I don't lose my confidence.

25. I live right across from a cemetery!


  1. I feel number 5 and number 20. I much prefer cats over dogs (although I'm okay now with my best friend's dogs). Also, happy belated birthday and congrats to getting to 25!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, dogs are absolutely adorable and I enjoy them from a distance, lol. I've met some nice dogs, though! And for whatever reason, I don't mind German Shepherds as much. But on the whole, I tend to keep my distance.

  2. I sometimes allow myself some quasi- self-centeredness and declare I need no justification for existing. I'm here, and have every right to remain so. Same for everyone, regardless of what they do or do not accomplish.

  3. Happy birthday! And whoa. You're a decade younger than me? Dude.

    I'd love to hear more about this thespian life you've got. I had no idea. I once had aspirations of moving to New York and pursuing theater, but then I analyzed my personality, studied the success statistics, and realized bossing around computers was probably more my thing.

    And seriously, you've submitted and published stories, you've raised awareness of issues in society through a public platform, and you help out at a nonprofit. That's more than I could say 10 years ago.

    1. Yeah, I'm just 25.

      I do like talking about theatre! I don't do as much as I'd like to, or as I used to, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I didn't know you used to be into theater! I think that "bossing around computers" sounds really neat. I'm glad you found something that suits you. A lot of my theater friends seem to also have technical-type interests.

      Thanks for the confidence boost, also. I'm also at the point in my life where I might seriously consider trading all that for financial stability, but hey! I have done things; I just am feeling more of an...idk, a need to give back to the community lately? I've been more or less living in the same town for 6 years, but haven't really decided to settle here semi-permanently until recently. And now I feel like I have to participate in community stuff more if I'm going to commit to living in this state and this area. If that makes sense?


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