Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Catch-up

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly writerly blog hop hosted by Jaime Morrow.

What I'm reading

I'm loving Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab. Middle Grade has been my favorite thing under the sun lately -- since the summer, really. I left behind some of my favorite YA reads over break, including Proxy, which I am just getting into and which was verrrry painful to leave because it is SO GOOD. But. I knew that if I took it, all I'd do was read it. I am definitely looking forward to finishing it once I come home for break.

What I'm writing (aka NaNo update)

At the risk of boring you all to death with yet another NaNoWriMo post, I'm a few thousand words behind the projected word count. Oh well. I am almost to 30k (words written since Nov. 1, not words total). That puts me a good 13k above what I had for last year's NaNo, which makes me happy. I will return to Mask some day...but right now, Contracted is my baby. 

When I'm not writing it, I like to conceptualize, daydream, plot, and imagine the makeover I'm going to give The Book. WIP multitasking. I have decided to regender/gender-swap a major secondary character. Compared to the plot changes I'm thinking of, that's nothing. Sigh...

What else I'm up to

Musical, musical, musical. Also, someone left a passive-aggressive sticky note on our door that said, "Stop stomping." I am still in a boot. I guess I don't limp quietly enough for some people. This is really perplexing because we don't live above anyone who would get annoyed at us for "stomping" on their ceiling.

What inspires me right now

The Word Sprints forum in NaNo. It always gives me an idea for a sprint, or a challenge to do.


  1. I hope you submitted that note to

    I have been trying to find Proxy because I really want to read it. Thanks for the reminder. Must keep looking!

    1. I gave it to my RA. Though if I had read this comment first, I know exactly where I'd have put it, haha.

      Proxy was a fairly recent release -- just this year -- and it was still in hardcover at the local bookstore when I found it.

  2. That's lame about that sticky note, especially since you're in a boot. Even weirder/lamer that their identity is a complete mystery.

    You're doing awesome with NaNo! That's about 5000 more words than my highest NaNo total. You can totally do this. :-)

    1. I catch myself looking suspiciously at people I pass in the dorm, "Was it you???" and I also feel the need to start stomping...

  3. Um, seriously? People are being rude because you're not walking quietly enough for them, despite the fact you're injured? Lame.

    You already have way more words than I usually have for NaNo. And that shouldn't be too bad to catch up on. Good luck with your word count!

    1. I gave the note to my RA, and she was equally confused because we live right across the hall from her and she's never heard us be stompy. I guess it'll remain a mystery...though I kind of want them to leave another note...


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