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What's Up Wednesday

Time for another Wednesday check-in post for Ready. Set. Write!

Writing Goals -- mid-week progress:
- I've written 1 book review.
- I'm about 2/3 of the way through my fourth edit of The Book.
- Haven't started my new outline. I'm waiting till the edit's done.
- I've written nothing on any other project. Oops.

 What I'm Reading

I just finished Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones and Partials by Dan Wells. I'm halfway through After the Snow by S.D. Crockett, and I just started Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza. I need to get to the library soon and pick up I, Robot or just find my copy of Xenocide, which I had started years ago before losing. The reading theme lately has been post-apocalypse and sci-fi.

What I'm Writing

Let's do this a bit differently. You all know I'm on my fourth run of edits on my main project. But what about all those side writings I've had to put on hold? I'm not technically "writing" them right now, but I can introduce them here. The Other Book: it's the other book I'm working on (duh), a YA urban fantasy/dark fantasy. Contracted: my current favorite draft, a long story about assassins and arranged marriage. BRAAAIIINNNSSSSSS: That's not the title; it's just the file name. It's a novella about love and potheads in the zombie apocalypse. Mask: my NaNo novel. And lastly, various random other stuff.

What Else I've Been Up To

Nothing exciting -- just practicing the cello, cleaning my room (an ongoing process), playing video games, making tea, working, gardening, etc. My brother was complaining about a video game storyline, so I gave my theory on how it should have gone. He was impressed with my version. Apparently I'm a genius and should write for video game companies.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Lindsey Stirling, a violinist/dubstep artist. You can find her on YouTube. She very obviously loves music. It's inspiring when I'm trying to remember how I used to love music like that.


  1. I love Lindsey Stirling's music. I played it a lot while studying for my school finals, to try to keep me awake/alive/interested. :)
    And all your projects sound really interesting! I can never manage to do more than one WIP at one time, so I have a lot of them on the shelf, too. They look really nice and shiny, usually about the same time my WIP is giving me gray and/or less hair. I hope your edits go well!

    1. I found Lindsey Stirling about a year ago, and have been listening since. :) I just ordered some of her sheet music to play on my cello as well.

      Yes, it's very tempting to turn to my shelf of projects when my current WIP is being frustrating. Sometimes I have to, just to let off steam.

  2. I really need to get my hands on Mila 2.0. I've heard so many good things! My reading theme has been mostly contemporary although I do have The 5th Wave coming up very shortly on the TBR - excited about that one!

    Good luck with your writing this week!

    1. I like it so far -- but then, I'm only on the first chapter. I'm sure it will continue to be good.

      Thanks! You, too!

  3. I'm so impressed with you and other folks juggling several projects! I know that I'll need to work up to that, but I can't seem to get my brain to switch to easily from one project to another.

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy your reading!

    1. To tell the truth, "juggling" usually distracts me, too. I typically have a major project and a secondary project, with a lot of others like the ones I listed shelved for later work.

  4. I've not read, nor confess even heard of the book of which you speak. But I'm impressed with your reading speed. I myself would love to consume more novels in a given year, but not only does my schedule seem to eat away reading time, the actual time during which I read passes more slowly for me than for others. Better to read well than to read quickly, of course, but the result of that is reading fewer novels. Currently I'm reading "The Night Circus".

    Part of me wishes that on some level, your writings could literally remain titled "The Book" and "The Other Book".

    1. I am in love with The Night Circus. It is one of my favorite books in the universe. You probably think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.

      I introduced the two novels as "The Book" and "The Other Book" first because I was shy, and second because I realized that their working titles might change. The nicknames have stuck. It would be amusing to see them published as The Book and The Other Book -- but what, pray, would I do if I wanted to write a third? "The Third Book"? "The Threequel"? :)

  5. Good luck with your writing goals this week. I really like Lindsey Stirling - she pops up on my pandora feed occasionally.


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