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Happy Anniversary!

It's the first anniversary of this blog! Well, technically last month was the first anniversary of this blog -- but I was so caught up in vacation and the Teen Writers Summer Blogfest that I completely forgot about it. So happy late anniversary, voices! *gives flowers*

Also, this happens to be the month in which I reached 1,000 twitter followers. Twitter, as I discovered last year, is AMAZING. It is like a constant IV drip of information, opinions, news, and interesting people. Don't get me wrong, I love my Facebook. Via Twitter, however, I've been able to "meet" (tweet?) authors, agents, poets, and other people -- and of course, discover their blogs.

...Which led directly to me winning a blog contest! Over at, author, screenwriter, and drunken lunatic Chuck Wendig held a contest in honor of reaching 5,000 twitter followers. The terms: comment with a story in three sentences. The prizes: a free pdf or Kindle version of one of his ebooks, "Irregular Creatures," "Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey," or "250 Things You Should Know About Writing," and/or a postcard. Winner gets all four, of course.

As one of the three runners-up, I got to choose an ebook. I went with the short story collection "Irregular Creatures," and began reading the pdf in the hour before midnight. Needless to say, my dreams were peppered with demonic flying cats. Satankitties, as it were. But more on that later.

To read all contest entries, including the winner and the three runners-up, click this link. My own three sentences were:

The dragon was slain, the tower door open at last -- all that stood in her way was the knight.
"Save me," he choked, blood seeping through the rents in his shining armor.
The princess smiled sweetly and stepped over him to freedom.


  1. Dust choked the aether, a cloud where a world once stood. It had been a world full of ordinary things, of love and prosperity, of war and restless souls. But only now did it have peace.

  2. Okay, I've finally got mine. I wrote about 5 other 3-sentence stories before this one because they're kind of hard. Here it is:

    I come home to a cold, empty house and a note on the counter, but I don't look at it, thinking she must have gone out with her friends. I peek into her bedroom and find half her clothes missing, her drawers thrust open and her duffel bag gone from its usual spot in the corner, and that's when I realize what she's done. I'm terrified that this time, I won't be able to find her.

    Hmmm, now I'm thinking that I could turn this into a novel. :)

  3. You probably could:) Do you know if anyone else from the blogfest/other is planning to enter, btw?

  4. With the windows up, her hair blew back from the steady force of air conditioning, making her all the more gorgeous: brand-new and separated from the likes of me by glass and pricier options. It was just a five-year old Civic but she sped past me with the agility of a freshly-assembled Beemer. Oh dear God in heaven, now what was this in her rearview -- she of the fancy pants a/c set -- why, it's a prominent middle finger and a wide sneer. . . an exclusive prize meant just for me.

  5. No has e-mailed me back about it, so I'm not sure.

  6. Vowing to save her, he spent his years on the highest mountains, in the deepest forests, and the loneliest islands, mastering his sword arm, to slay the dragon and best the black knight, to save her from the black king's schemes. The day came, and to a triumphant rising sun, he set out, raiding the dark castle, slaying the monster, and dueling the ebon warrior. His trials complete, he raced up the stairs to the tallest tower…to find the princess had taken quite a liking to the dark king’s son anyway.


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