Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've been a bad blogger...

Well, I've been a bad blogger (say that one five times fast). At least this month. I've only had five posts for the month of April, nothing particularly interesting to say, and have barely tweeted or shared posts to Facebook where people might actually be directed to read them. On the plus side, you all have been patient and nice enough to comment on my posts this month, so thanks. :)

Most of that is due to Hell Week and finals week; some of it is due to me writing reviews instead; and some of it is just me being lazy. Sorry about the lazy part. Hopefully, my life will get itself back on a normal schedule for the rest of this last term and May will see a more prolific blog! But first I have two questions for you:

The first is easy. What would you like to read about? I generally just ramble about my interests, but if there's something particular you'd like to read, go ahead and leave suggestions. I do have all those now-deleted movie reviews, the rights to which should belong to me again...

Secondly, I have been thinking about putting ads on the blog. Just thinking, mind you, because it's a step I'm wary about taking. Obviously it's worked for some people, but Google gets to choose the ads that would appear, and then there's the principle of the thing. I'm really only considering this because I got a lecture from the parental unit about "not selling your services cheaply" and "taking advantage of opportunities" and "don't you know what you can do out there on the Web?" Thank you, Mom and Dad, I do, and probably know a lot more than you about it. So what if I can earn half a cent every time someone clicks on an ad? Is it worth it? Am I compromising some vital blog principle? Probably not, but still...

In other news, I have roles in two one-act plays this term and will be taking the course "Writing Creatively About Science" with Dava Sobel, acclaimed science/historical fiction writer and author of Galileo's Daughter. Fun stuff.

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