Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Unfortunate Importance of Money

Money is important. Well, duh. But it's not until you get to be eighteen and your parents threaten to kick you out/disown you/stop paying for college that you realize how EXTREMELY important money is.

The parental threat(s) came with the stipulation that said threats would not become a reality if I got a job. And believe me, Mom and Dad, there is nothing I'd like more to do. Because then I could rent a cheap apartment for $250-400 a month, survive on ramen noodles and cereal, not pay campus housing fees, AND stay there for the summer (to avoid being a burden on my poor unfortunate white middle-class parents).

The main problem with me getting a job right now is that EVERY college student home for the summer is trying to get a job. And with me only being available for about 4 weeks out of the entire summer--a spread-out 4 weeks at that--my chances of being hired over kids stuck at home for the whole 2 to 2 1/2 months are slim.

Still, I have options. The site I write for has begun to offer up-front payments ($10 and higher) for book reviews. I can volunteer at the library or the SPCA, which gives me work experience if not money. I can write for local papers and submit to contests. And as a musician, I have the options of playing at weddings and giving music lessons. And if I'm tossed out the door to fend for my own broke ass, I'll take my cello and play on street corners for money. Kidding. I hope...


  1. Hey, no shame in playing on the street corners for money. I think that your parents understand the limits on your time, so maybe they'll forgive you. I think what it comes down to is wanting you to not sit around the house for 4 weeks, so maybe volunteering is a good idea.

  2. Maybe you're right about the not-sitting-around-on-my-butt part. But as for the other part, they definitely want me to earn some money. I am more serious about applying for a job when I return to school, but for now, I am going to shop out my babysitting, carwashing, lawnmowing, and cello-playing services. On street corners if necessary. ;)

  3. I feel your pain =( It's tough to find a job during the summer.

    Learning the EXTREME importance of money at eighteen is a good thing tho'. There are lots of people who don't learn that lesson until they're thirty. Then it's too late and the smart eighteen year-olds have already snagged the best corners to play their cellos on.

  4. Hahaha! I'm already scouting out corner space. ;)

  5. House sitting and pet sitting! Easy cash :) Also, for the school year you should check out You get paid to upload your class notes and make study guides for each test. I did it for one class last semester and it was such easy money. You get paid a flat rate for the semester plus you get commission every time someone buys your notes or study guides. And since you're getting money for something you should already be doing, you still have time for a "real" job if you want one. You would be great for it since you are smart and a good student; you should totally check it out. Good luck not getting kicked out! :P

    P.S. We need to get together soon!

  6. Seriously??? THAT IS BRILLIANT.

    Luckily I write for a website already, and get $15 per article. But it has to go through a pretty long approval process and I haven't written anything recently. Does one apply to Notehall?

    Also, who do you know who needs someone to house sit/pet sit? Call me!! :DD


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