Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogging Slump

This blog is in a bit of a slump right now...I haven't posted regularly. Sometimes I don't post for almost the whole month. Sometimes I write a burst of posts, then get depressed when no one comments. Then I don't post for a while. And the cycle continues...

I suppose it's to be expected. I mean, it is summer. And unlike other kids/people, I spend summers outside getting into shenanigans instead of inside playing video games or noodling around on the Internet. Or if it's hideously hot and humid like today, I at least spend summers getting into shenanigans inside. Or I'm in California with one of my best friends, eating durians and driving on the freeway (shudder). Or with the same friend, camping in the woods...naked. (KIDDING.)

But I did learn to embroider while in California. It's a time-consuming but rewarding hobby--especially now that that boring white jacket I never wear now has a flower design on the front in a lovely shade of purple. In addition to embroidering, I've also been scribbling away at that story, along with some other things. My evil plan for next semester's Writing of Poetry class is to write all the poems this summer, in order to minimize my future homework load.

The cello, which has missed me for two weeks while I was in sunny Cali, is getting major attention as well. I have pulled out every piece I ever hated and am making myself learn and re-learn them. Chief among them is the most annoying tune for cello ever written---Gavotte No. 2, by David Popper (YouTube link here: Julian Lloyd Weber seems to take it seriously. My interpretation is a little more sarcastic...

Well, I'm off to practice, write, and apply for jobs. :P In the meantime, some other mad cello skills for your viewing pleasure:

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