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Review: Audiobook Version of 27 Hours, narr. Michael Crouch

HELLO FRIENDS, I know I only just said I was taking a bit of time off blogging to sort shit out, but I HAVE GOT TO TELL YOU about the audiobook I just got. Not the book, which I'm sure is fine, but the performance. 

It sucked. 

[Standard disclaimer: I got 27 Hours by Tristina Wright with the credits that Audible refunded me for returning Eona, a book whose narrator was good but whose story I strongly disliked.

Trigger warnings below: ableism irt d/Deaf people and ASL]

I'm now going to return this audiobook, which is frustrating -- but I think I can stand at least 3 hours or so of it on the drive back home tomorrow morning. Or maybe not. Blegh.

The Narration Style

The speaker's narration is painfully slow and monotonous. He frequently uses pauses at the end of commas that are so long, they sound like periods -- only to resume speaking the rest of the sentence. Crouch makes no vocal differentiation in inflection or pitch between comma pauses and period pauses, which makes it even …


Hello! Hope you are having a good holiday. 

I haven't been around on the blog much lately. I'm going to do a revamp of the look of the whole thing and revisit some of my reviews -- revise them, and also revise how I do reviews period. 

I'm going to get rid of star ratings and do some other stuff. I've been reading a lot of books that I want to share my thoughts on, but I never seem to have the time to make full-blown posts. I'm going to try to change that and free up more time for blogging... 

 Have a good turkey day, wherever you are. :)