Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Very Hyperactive Easter To You All!

What are you doing this Easter? Besides gorging yourself on candy? ;) Or bouncing off the walls? Or drinking wine or whatever you gave up for Lent? (I am watching YouTube!!!)

A side note (ooh! A shiny distraction!!): Maybe it was watching the Dr. Who Christmas Carol last night, but I'm getting this urge to watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It's the two biggest Christian holidays and World War Two all in one movie. :P Actually, though, the reason I'm thinking about Dr. Who and A Christmas Carol is because it related uncannily well to the Easter sermon today, "Thieves in Paradise," with the reading from Luke about the thieves on the crosses next to Jesus. One had a deathbed conversion and Jesus told him he would go to Paradise/Heaven. Which reminded me of A Christmas Carol, of course--though there's not actually anything overtly Christian in the story; and in the time period, Christmas wasn't officially celebrated--but you can probably see where I'm going with this. Deathbed/end-of-life turnarounds, even for Scrooges.

And now I shall endeavor to calm down and tell you about something IMPORTANT--a great post by my twitterfriend and blogger Andi Judy Black (@JudyBlackCloud on twitter), writer and MFA-student-to-be. Anyway, being a writer and writing for writers, she did a charity spotlight about books. Books for soldiers, that is, an organization that takes donates for books and other care packages for soliders overseas. Read about it here =>
and I encourage you to register as a volunteer and donate.

Another link for your amusement--the contest winners from this year's Peep Show: If you don't live in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia and don't know about the Peep Show, it's a contest in marshmallow peep dioramas, sculptures, and art. This is its fifth year. (Would I spam you with porn? Really? Trust me and click on the link! These are hilarious.)

And if you don't know what marshmallow peeps are, or their very interesting properties, you may be interested in some humorous scientific research: Also, before you eat one of these cute, harmless-looking little marshmallows, you should know that THE EYES OF PEEPS CANNOT BE DISSOLVED. So when we wipe ourselves out in nuclear war, the only records of life on this planet will be cockroaches...and peep eyes. How's that for a nice thought?

As you can see, I have consumed way too much sugar and am going to go crash now. Have fun with Easter, Books for Soldiers, and marshmallow peeps. :)


  1. My Easter was filled with non-Easter activities, which was fine by me. Hubby worked & the kids were with their mom, so I just blogged and watched The Sound of Music & Titanic.

  2. Still sounds like fun. Those are great movies! :)


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