Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Survey: Reading Habits, Libraries, and Diversity in Books

Myself and a friend created a survey to gather information on reading habits, libraries, and diversity in books. We have received 35 responses in a relatively short amount of time, and would be thrilled to get to at least 50. 

I have an absurd love for graphs and data analysis and statistics. So, please, indulge my love of statistics and take the survey. :) If you're comfortable, feel free to share it on social media and with your friends.

As for why we've made a survey, we're hoping to lay the groundwork for an initiative focusing on adding more diverse books to the collections of rural libraries. While acquisitions of new and diverse books are a priority for libraries, such efforts are often limited by funding and resources. We hope to eventually raise funds for donations of books to libraries in our area. 

Anyway, please do us a solid and take the survey. I believe it does require you to be signed in to a Google account, which is inconvenient, but if you do have a Google account and want to take the survey, it would really help us out. We're particularly looking for responses from teens, readers of Young Adult literature, and people from rural areas. 

Any responses you give will be greatly appreciated! (As you can see, I've obnoxiously linked every instance of "survey" in this post to the appropriate form.)

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