Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Pentatonix Edition

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly writerly meme hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. I'm reading

I got a copy of Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab to review! This book looks like fun. I've been reading more Middle Grade lately, and I like it a lot. I also read and reviewed Asylum. I didn't like it, and only finished it so that I could write a fair review. Various aspects didn't really sit well with me, and the writing fell flat. Others might like it, but for me it was "meh."

I am also feeling the urge to re-read some of my favorites: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lies of Locke Lamora, All The World's A Grave, and even A Game of Thrones. There's a reason I put all these books waaaay up high on the shelf. I have no business re-reading right now when I have so much material to get through...

What I'm writing

Contracted is pushing 60k. My progress on this WIP continues to surprise me. I can't believe I started this thinking it would be a short story.

Right now, the characters are stuck in the dreaded journey-through-the-woods montage and I'm scrambling to come up with names of all these people that I have to introduce.

What I'm supposed to be writing

Ha. I feel like I should include this section because all the college coursework is coming crashing down right now. I have a paper due in a few weeks (that I should start now), and I have two contracts and bibliographies due...and ugh.

What else I'm up to

I'm beta-reading for the seriously cool Patrice Caldwell. I'm knitting a scarf (because if I ever hope to open a side Etsy shop, I need things to put there...) 

What inspires me right now

These lovely people!

Pentatonix, a five-member a cappella group. I'm a Pentaholic (a silly fandom name for a Pentatonix fan). Their album PTX Vol. 2 is available for pre-order! AND, the ENTIRE album is available for preview right now on billboard! You should listen to it. SERIOUSLY. Their vocal effects are amazing. All they do in studio is add reverb and mix the balance. It might sound like they use a drum machine...but that's just Kevin (aka the beatboxing cello guy). They always inspire me, and the quality of their music is always good.


  1. I hear you on wanting to reread. I really shouldn't bring up my favorite rereads to school with me so I can't be tempted.

    Yay writing! That is awesome. Argh homework. I have a research paper due two weeks from today that I only have a little research for at the moment.

    1. I used to never bring any "fun reading" books to school, but that just resulted in me being completely miserable. Now I'm more likely to re-read than start new things because I tend to go through them faster, but every second I spend enjoying myself with a book is steeped in guilt...

      Good luck with college!

  2. Congrats on 60k! That's awesome. And I've resigned myself to not being able to reread my favorite books because I just have too many amazing new books to read ALL THE TIME lol.

    1. Thanks! I love reading new things! I always find myself coming back to a handful of old favorites, though. :)

  3. *gasp* The journey-through-the-woods-montage. Lol...I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get through it and/or introduce tension. :P Also, hello, my fellow college student. It is *so* hard to do novels and papers at the same time....

    1. Hello, fellow college student! :)

      I despise the journey-through-the-woods montage, both when reading it and writing it. It has to take the characters forever to walk there, so it always takes foreverrrrr to write and get through. I have thrown in some ghosties and beasties in an effort to introduce some conflict, haha.


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