Monday, May 23, 2011

Reflections on a year of college

It's been a year--and what have I done?

"That's what my daddy always used to ask me on my birthday. 'What have you done for yourself this year, honey?' And if I didn't have a good enough answer, he'd eat the whole cake himself. He made smashing cakes...It is my personal opinion, Abby, that a person should have an interesting accomplishment added to their existence at the end of each year. I, for one, have had a different job every year since I was twenty-six. Aside from this one, of course." -from the one-act play Abby's Birthday, by Matt Minachino

Abby's Birthday is about an assassin who kidnaps Abby--a typical, Paris-Hilton-type spoiled rich kid and aspiring actress--on her 20th birthday. The above is a line from the assassin, Diane. In answer to that, I can say that I played Abby in Abby's Birthday for the one-act festival this May Term. :) I also played Katherine Howard (wife #5 of Henry VIII) in another one-act, The Rose Club. In case that's not a good enough answer for Diane, I also...

- survived freshman year of college with good grades
- wrote a portfolio of science poetry (bleh, another post on that later :P)
- read oodles of books and plays (for school and homework, but still)
- made and ate a bundt cake containing M&M's
- got 3rd place in a poetry contest :)
- was published in the online Outrageous Fortune literary magazine--a college operation, but every little step counts...
- half-heartedly filled out some job applications
- flew to California (in an airplane)
- dyed my hair black. Well, technically it's dark-dark-brown, but it pretty much looks black. :DDD <3

On the other hand, I...
- got carpal tunnel syndrome :'(
- spent way too much money in college
- let my book laze along
- stayed up too late
- slept in too long
- had insomnia issues
- failed to post as regularly as I should...sorry...
- enjoyed myself far too much when I should be stressing out over responsible things. ;)

All in all, I think this was a successful year.

Now for summer--tedious long car trips to visit relatives while trying not to strangle my brother, attempting to get a job, surviving the East Coast humidity, seeing Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, writing stuff as usual, fending off boredom...But for now, it's May and I'm in L.A., enjoying myself, admiring my new black pixie cut (I look slightly like Alice Cullen), and taking advantage of the very nice library.


  1. You dyed it too! Ahhh, it sounds adorable! But I can't be sure, cuz SOMEONE hasn't added pictures :P hint hint lol. Also, sounds like a good freshman year :)

  2. I've kinda been busy, aka flying out to CA. :) I've taken pictures, though--of blonde and black versions--and will post them as soon as I have time.


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